An important lesson to take from a tragic loss

When news of Robin Williams’ death flooded the internet last night, in what was called an ‘apparent’ suicide, the reaction was varied but almost entirely respectful.

Some expressed their shock at the loss of such a brilliant talent, with an incredible mind. Whenever a celebrity dies it’s always strange to be so affected but with a story as tragic as this, to someone who had such an effect on people, we reserve the right to be heartbroken.

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Britain’s Horniest Student? Every Credit to Her…

Latvian student Elina Desaine is named Britain’s Horniest Student in a competition and if the bandwagon of hate isn’t at full steam there are certainly people trying to build it. Claiming to sleep with three men per week, the University of Exeter Computer Science student won £500, a year’s supply of condoms, a mobile phone and a crate of alcohol.

The Mail Online (cue hate klaxons) says she doesn’t know the names of all her partners and call the competition that she won degrading. This isn’t a discourse essay, but the way the story is told is pretty degrading in itself, with phrases like “Miss Desaine doesn’t even know the names of some of her ‘conquests’.”

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Daily Mail: “No Regard For Human Life”

That title isn’t a quote from Ed Miliband, or any of the great many that have rushed to his (or his Father’s) defence in the last week. It’s Thom Yorke in Radiohead’s hidden gem; aptly titled The Daily Mail. That’s the sort of newspaper we’re dealing with here – so revolting that it has become an easy target for popular culture.

For anyone who isn’t clued up – The Daily Mail attacked Ralph Miliband, the father of Labour leader Ed Miliband, for his political beliefs recently. They used a picture of the man’s grave and it was entirely disgusting. The intention is to suggest that because Ralph was a Marxist, then Ed will be too. He will drag Britain’s politics towards the left (as if this is a bad thing).

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In Response To: Blurred Lines or Fuzzy Misogyny?

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Just when you thought the song would fade into insignificance (despite the fact it feels like Miley Cyrus will be around for a while) a new debate has sprung up around Blurred Lines, the song performed by Robin Thicke. Edinburgh University Student’s Association has banned the song amidst claims that it trivialises rape and promotes an unhealthy attitude towards consent.

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Meanwhile in Real News: On The Syrian Crisis, Political Gaming and the Western World’s Tiredness of War.

Right, so in between a man being paid nearly three and a half times the GDP of Tuvalu and a young woman who used to be on a kids TV show shaking her bottom to the delight of a middle aged married man, some actual news happened.

Details emerged of over 5.5 million Britons being shafted by zero hour contracts, the union dispute got very damaging for Mr Milliband, and the huge civil war in Syria has turned incredibly ugly.

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On Gareth Bale, Deadline Day and the Imbalance in the World

I talked quite a bit about peoples priorities last time I blogged. I’m going to do that again in this blog. I’d promise not to next time, but that would be somewhat optimistic.

All the Against Modern Football (#AMF) brigade were up in arms last night over two events. Firstly, Gareth Bale will be earning £300,000 per week or £160.000 per week after tax. That breaks down to £34 per minute – essentially what I earn for 5 hours work behind a bar at the weekend. Secondly, Kettering Town FC, a 141 year-old club, will close over unpaid debts of up to £70,000.

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The Biggest News Story of the Week

Predictably, this blog will focus on the news story you’ve all been talking about this week. It is rash, it is reckless, it could result in the deaths of thousands of innocents. That’s right, Miley Cyrus dance in a provocative fashion.

So okay, HuggyDave will be handling Syria in more depth in a future blog post, but it’s a startling reflection on our society that the obvious publicity stunt from Cyrus has seemingly received the lions share of discussion on social media over the past week. Forget chemical attacks and genocide, she was wearing a flesh-coloured bikini.

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